Festival d’été de Québec [The Québec Summer Festival] was the deserving recipient of the SOCAN Licensed to Play Award on Dec. 2, 2014, for its significant contributions to the cultural and economic vitality of Québec, as one of the most important music festivals in North America.

Founded in 1968, the festival offers a platform for emerging and established artists from across the country and around the world, and draws more than a million concertgoers each year, helping to generate more than $25 million in annual economic benefits.

Singer-songwriter and host of this year’s SOCAN Montreal Gala Awards, Michel Rivard, presented the Licensed to Play Award to Daniel Gélinas, managing director of the festival.

“The Licensed to Play Award celebrates SOCAN’s partnership with Festival d’été de Québec,” said Geneviève Côté, SOCAN’s Chief of Québec Affairs. “They’re doing the right and legal thing by ensuring one of the biggest music festivals in Canada is Licensed to Play music.”

Conceived in 2002, the Licensed to Play Award (formerly known as the Patron of Music Award) has honoured a number of SOCAN’s partnerships established over the years in Quebec, including those with The Montreal International Jazz Festival, Les FrancoFolies de Montréal, Evenko, Montréal en Lumière and www.postedecoute.ca.

The night also honoured a number of Quebec’s songwriters, including Klô Pelgag, Marie-Mai and Fred St-Gelais, Daniel Bélanger, Conner Molander and Dylan Phillips of Half Moon Run, Luc Plamondon, Paul Daraîche and Jean Millaire.

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