In this interview from the JUNO Awards Gala & Dinner, where Montréal rapper Loud won the Francophone Album of the Year Award, the artist discusses his reaction to this unexpected honour; what he’s learned from performing the songs from Une année record onstage; writing songs for his next album; his new foothold in France; and the continuing success of his hit single “Toutes les femmes savent danser,” which has stayed on the BDS Top 10 for several months.

Voivod, Québec’s mythical metal band, has, for the first time in 36 years of existence, won a JUNO award – for Metal/Hard Album of the Year. We met with the band a few minutes after they accepted their trophy, and the musicians answered a few questions about the difficulty of remaining relevant, and evolving, while not alienating longtime fans. They also talked to us about their creative process and took a moment to pay homage to Denis “Piggy” D’Amour, the band’s influential original guitarist, who died of cancer in 2005.