Andréanne A. Malette’s hit “Ici et ailleurs” will receive a Popular Music Award at the 30th SOCAN Awards Gala, scheduled at Montréal’s La Tohu on Sept. 22, 2019. This earworm is much more than a catchy melody; it’s also a song conceived by its creator to do good. It talks about self-confidence, the importance of being true to who we are, and to not be afraid to take one’s rightful place. We met with Malette on the roof of our Montréal office, where she told us about the spark that led to the creation of the song; of the video concept that features women with remarkable stories; and how difficult it can be to gauge a song’s potential for success before releasing it into the universe.

Banx & Ranx, the producer duo of Zacharie Raymond and Yannick Rastogi, has made its mark on the international scene, carving its own niche in the world elite of pop music. Since 2014, the pair has consistently impressed everyone, thanks to their increasingly high-profile collaborations. Banx & Ranx will receive the International Award during the 30th Montréal SOCAN Awards Gala at La Tohu on Sept. 22, 2019. We met with them in their Montréal studio to discuss how their project came to be, their prestigious collaborations, their working relationship, and their creative process.

SOCAN members Madison Olds, Layla Zoe, Adrian Chalifour, and Roman Smirnov have won first-place prizes in the genre categories of the 2019 Unsigned Only competition.

Multiple winner Olds took top honours in the Adult Contemporary category, for her song “Thank You,” and also earned two honourable mentions: one in the Vocal Performance field, for the same song, and on in the Screenshot category, for “Moments in the Mountains.”  Double winner Zoe won first place in Blues, for “The Deeper They Bury Me,” and an honourable mention in Vocal Performance, for “I’ll Be Reborn Blues.”

Chalifour reached the zenith of the Adult Album Alternative category, for his song “Head Down, Heart Up,” while Roman Smirnov scaled the peak of the Instrumental field, with “Kuwaka.” Big Little Lions earned a second-place win in the Screenshot filed, for “Find Your Tribe.”

In addition to these winners, 24 SOCAN member also earned Honorable Mentions in their respective categories, including four in the Country filed and five in the Teen category. The Honourable Mention winners are:

Adult Alternative
Dale Boyle, “Ghosts”
Mike Goodreau, “I’m So Glad I Found You”

Spencer Mackenzie, “Devil Under her Skin”
No Trombones, “Walk The Walk”

Brant Pethick, “Higher”
West of Here, “Reach for the Sky”

Wes Mack, “Best Hangover”
Danielle Todd, “Crazy”
Dylan Holton, “I Used To”
Jesse Slack, “Lip Sync”

Emma Cook, “Say it Loud”

Denielle Bassels, “Cool Cool Water”

Pop/Top 40
James Alphonse, “I’ll Be Your Wall”
Francois Klark, “Run”
I. ARI, “Stay V Go”

DSTNY, “Lies”

JoJo Worthington, “Stabilize”
Goodnight, Sunrise, “WVV”

Kat Beck, “Hooked On Your Love”
Beamer Wigley, “I Knew”
Mikalyn Hay, “Nothing But Blood”
Kyle Meagher, “Nowhere”
Sofia Kay, “Tea Shop”

Vocal Performance
David Blair, “Why”

SOCAN congratulates all of our winning members on these achievements. For a complete list of winners, and to hear the winning songs, click here.