While we anxiously await the 29th edition of the Montréal SOCAN Awards Gala on Oct. 2 at La Tohu, Geoffroy and Bobby Bazini tell us about their personal evolution in the songwriting process, and the importance of travelling for their art. Geoffroy will receive the Viral Song Award for his “Sleeping On My Own.” This award is presented to the most popular song on streaming sites, that gained its popularity through massive, rapid circulation on the Internet and without the help of radio airplay. As for Bobby Bazini, he’ll receive a Popular Music Award (Anglophone) for his song, “C’est la vie.”

“Sleeping on my own”
Performed by Geoffroy
Songwriters: Geoffroy, Max Antoine Poulin Gendron
Publisher: Third Side Music Inc.



“C’est la vie”
Performed by Bobby Bazini
Songwriters: Bobby Bazini, Martin Terefe (BMI)
Publisher: Bobby Bazini Publishing

SOCAN is delighted to learn that an agreement in principle has been reached on a new continental trade agreement that significantly strengthens copyright and cultural industry protections in Canada.

Under the deal, known as United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), copyrighted works will enter the public domain in Canada 70 years after the death of the author or composer. SOCAN has long advocated for this policy change, arguing Canada should afford the same protections to its creators as its major trading partners do.

SOCAN would also like to congratulate Canada’s negotiating team for preserving the exemption for cultural industries in the new trade agreement. It marks an important achievement for creators and the Canadian cultural ecosystem that will help ensure the future success of domestic creators.

“Today is a great day for Canadian creators,” said Eric Baptiste, SOCAN’s Chief Executive Officer. “SOCAN would like to thank the Canadian government for its efforts to defend the interests of the Canadian cultural sector and to provide greater protection for our creators.”

The Canadian government enjoys the full support of SOCAN in pursuing these measures to support domestic cultural industries. SOCAN pledges to continue to collaborate with the federal government to find more ways to support creators across Canada.

SOCAN is also committed to working with the government on next steps to ensure that the agreement is implemented.

King Melrose will receive a Popular Music Award during the 2018 Montréal SOCAN Awards on Oct. 2. He’ll receive it next Tuesday at La Tohu, thanks to his song “Ça se danse,” which he co-wrote with Sylvain Michel. In this video interview, he tells us about the crucial role radio has played in his career, and of Québec Francophone music in the life of youngsters.

“Ça se danse”
Performed by King Melrose
Songwriters: Sébastien Côté (King Melrose)/ Sylvain Michel
Music Publishers: Éditions Cent Noms/Éditions Tacca/Éditions Art Illimité