After winning the SOCAN Songwriting Prize this summer for his song “56k,” Loud will end the year in style with two more honours at the 2018 Montréal SOCAN Awards, set for Oct. 2, 2018. He’ll also receive the Urban Music Award, as well as the Breakthrough Award, which he’ll share with Hubert Lenoir.  In this video interview, he tells us, among other things, about the differences between the French and Québec rap scenes.

Hubert Lenoir will share the Breakthrough Award with Loud at the Montréal SOCAN Awards Gala on October 2, 2018, at La Tohu. In this interview, the manmaking everyone’s head turn tells us about his view on the concept of authenticity.

This year, Laurence Jalbert will see three of her songs become SOCAN Classics. In this video, she tells us the story behind one of those, “Encore et Encore.” Viewers will discover the human drama that inspired her to write this deeply moving song. Once more, we’re charmed and touched by this grand dame of the Québec music scene.

“Encore et Encore”
Performed by Laurence Jalbert
Songwriters: Laurence Jalbert, Deno Amodeo
Publishers: Les Éditions Japy Da/Avenue Éditorial