Born in Cap-Chat, in Gaspésie, singer-songwriter Patrice Michaud has achieved boundless success so far in his career. To wit, on Oct. 2, 2018, he won the Songwriter of the Year Award at the 2018 Montréal SOCAN Awards. In this interview, he speaks about his relationship with success, among other things. Michaud has released three albums to date, an incredibly solid repertoire that we hope serves as the foundation of a very bright future.

Brent Belke, Red Heartbreaker, Matthew Rogers, John Morgan, Hal Beckett, Raj Ramayya

Left to right: Brent Belke, Red Heartbreaker, Matthew Rogers, John Morgan, Hal Beckett, Raj Ramayya.

SOCAN and the SCGC (Screen Composers Guild of Canada) co-presented a captivating “Composure in Composing” panel that featured Vancouver-based screen composers, on Oct. 4, 2018, at the 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

A diverse group of SOCAN #ComposersWhoScore were gathered for an informal session to share their experience, tricks of the trade, and advice on moving forward in the ever-changing world of composition for film, TV, and online. From stock music to Star Wars, they dealt with the entire spectrum of possibilities for the use of music in motion.

The panel, presented under the auspices of a VIFF/AMP (Alliance Media Partners) summit   featured screen composers Red Heartbreaker, Matthew Rogers, Hal Beckett, Raj Ramayya, Brent Belke, and John Morgan, Audio Director at The Coalition – Microsoft.

The group went into detail on some of the more technical aspects of scoring to screen, including the use of harmonic ambiguity to help tell the story, the ever-present challenge of creating temp music, and issues of plagiarism and originality.

Red Heartbreaker gave a passionate speech discussing her struggles toward equality as a woman in the screen music industry, and urged her male colleagues to become better, more active allies.

With files from Tonya Dedrick

Basil Phoenix, Amanda Cygnaeus

Basil Phoenix, Amanda Cygnaeus

At a 2018 SOCAN Kenekt Song Camp, held on Pender Island, in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Sept. 18-24, we were pleased and proud to once again support our members’ business in music, and to foster and encourage them in the art of creating the music itself. The song camp allowed us the opportunity to leverage our influence, reach, and connections to help our talented members benefit from an expanded opportunity to collaborate.

Run by SOCAN’s Melissa Cameron-Passley and Racquel Villagante, the song camp was a unique, productive initiative. It gathered together 11 songwriters and five producers in the bucolic atmosphere of the Whale Pod Chalet and Buddha Cottage, just off the BC coastline.

Each morning, the participants received their briefing and group assignments, then spent the day and evening in those small groups of three or four, collaborating to create new songs. Each night, the entire population of the camp gathered in the studio to listen to the playback of the songs created that day. In one week of writing, the participants created 24 new songs, which broadly ranged across a variety of styles, tempos, and topics.


Prado, Kayo

Prado, Kayo

The participants were hugely inspired by the camp. “The process really fine-tunes your skills, and is the best possible way to work with so many creators in a short amount of time. I’m leaving this camp a better writer, and with some amazing memories and friendships,” said Matthew V. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my experience since the camp ended, and I’ve been feeling so overwhelmingly inspired and thankful! It truly was an unforgettable experience, and it’s so wonderful that SOCAN does such special things like this,” said Loony. “How quickly strangers can become family… Each day of writing was filled with such great moments and memories that’ll live forever in the songs we created… I can’t thank SOCAN enough for this life-changing experience,” said Kayo

“Song camps are such a great way of adding value to our members’ creative efforts, in a nurturing, inspiring environment,” said SOCAN’s Melissa Cameron-Passley. “There’s no doubt that some of the working relationships established in this camp will continue on, and that some of the songs created here will reach a wide audience – as several from previous SOCAN song camps already have.”

The group has already been planning a reunion at the SOCAN L.A. House, and their excitement in showing these songs to their publishers, management, and labels, as well as their desire to get these songs pitched and placed, was evident even a week after the camp.

The participating SOCAN members (except where noted) were:

Amanda Cygnaeus (STIM, Sweden)
Basil Phoenix
Kayleigh O’Connor
Luca Fogale
Mathew V
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Sammy Plotkin (BMI, U.S.)

Felix Leone
Jay Century
Robyn Dell’Unto