La SOCAN félicite tous ses membres qui ont été désignés finalistes sur la courte liste du prix Polaris 2020. Tous les artistes solo qui se trouvent sur la liste courte dévoilée le 15 juillet 2021 sont membres de la SOCAN et tous les groupes de cette même liste comptent au moins un auteur-compositeur membre de la SOCAN.

Voici la liste courte des finalistes par nom d’artiste (en ordre alphabétique, par nom de famille ou par nom de groupe) :

  • Leanne Betasamosake Simpson – Theory of Ice
  • Cadence Weapon – Parallel World
  • DijahSB – Head Above The Waters
  • Dominique Fils-Aimé – Three Little Words
  • Mustafa – When Smoke Rises
  • The OBGMs – The Ends
  • Klô Pelgag – Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs 
  • TOBi – ELEMENTS Vol. 1
  • The Weather Station – Ignorance
  • Zoon – Bleached Wavves

Pour plus d’information, visitez le site web du Prix Polaris.

SOCAN was pleased and proud to present an info session during an online music industry workshop for Indigenous youth on July 15, 2021, as part of the National Arts Centre’s AIR (Artist-in-Residence) Summer Industry Sessions series.

SOCAN A&R Representative Houtan Houdania explained how to sign up with SOCAN, the importance of becoming a member, and the advantages of membership – including creative collaboration opportunities developed by our A&R team. Houdania spoke alongside Vel Omazic, Executive Director of Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI), and Alan Greyeyes, Artistic Director of  the sākihiwē festival.

The AIR Sessions is a free music workshop series for youth, curated by Manitoba singer-songwriter Ila Barker. Each session is led by Ila and a guest over Zoom, and participants and artists are both invited to share their own music, stories, and music business tips, in a fun and safe creative forum. Priority registration is given to Indigenous youth aged 13 to 25, though other participants are always welcome if space allows.

Words & Music is pleased to continue extending its helpful “how-to” series for our members, “The Breakdown,” into the realm of short, question-and-answer videos.

 In this episode, SOCAN A&R Representative Houtan Houdania asks Cheryl Link, the Senior Creative Director of peermusic Canada – winner of SOCAN’s Publisher of the Year Award in 2021 – “What are the most common mistakes and misconceptions for novice songwriters?” The answers include information about royalties funding retirement, and the importance of networking.