For its 34th edition, in 2019, the Gémeaux Awards have once again nominated several SOCAN members in the various music categories. The technical and documentary gala of this annual celebration of the Québec television industry will be held Sept. 12, 2019.

The finalists are:



Jonathan Cayer
FAITS DIVERS, Season 2, Episode 18, “Le jour avant la négociation”
Publisher: Les Éditions Sovi-Son inc.

Martin Roy, Luc Sicard
L’heure bleue, “Episode 41”
Publisher: Production Duobis

Martin Roy, Luc Sicard
Le Monstre, Episode 6
Publisher: Pixcom International Inc.

Michel Corriveau
Les pays d’en haut, Season 4, Episode 37
Publisher: Éditions Encore inc., Les Éditions Jérémiade, Les Éditions Sovi-Son inc.

Martin Roy, Luc Sicard
Victor Lessard, Season 2, Episode 19
Publisher: Pixcom International Inc.



Viviane Audet, Robin-Joël Cool, Alexis Martin
50/50: le documentaire

 Christian Clermont
Apocalypse la paix impossible, Episode 2, “Retour vers l’enfer”
Publishers: Les Éditions Du Lagon, Éditions Ideacom

Mathieu Lafontaine
De garde 24/7, Season 4, Episode 39, “Plan”
Publisher: Éditions Pomme d’étoile

Alexandra Stréliski|
Faire œuvre utile, Episode 3, “Fred Pellerin et Robert Lepage”
Publisher: Les Éditions Musicales Zone 3

Claudie Bertounesque, Robert-Marcel Lepage
François Barbeau: créateur de costumes
Publisher: Les Éditions Le Robert Illustré



Tire le coyote
Demain des Hommes, Episode 5
Publisher: Les Éditions de la Tribu

Jonathan Cayer
Faits Divers, Season 2, Episode 18, “Le jour avant la négociation”
Publisher: Les Éditions Sovi-Son inc.

Florence Longpré, Pascale Renaud-Hébert, Mathieu Vanasse|
M’entends-tu ?, Season 1, Episode 1, “Les filles du bloc”
Publishers: Idea 3 Inc, My T-Fine

Michel Corriveau
Mensonges, Season 4, Episode 40, “Opération Motti”
Publishers: Les Éditions Jérémiade, Les Éditions Sovi-Son inc.

Jean-Philippe Goncalves
Une autre histoire, Episode 1


SOCAN congratulates its members for their nominations, and wishes them the best of luck.

Following the technical and documentary gala, hosted by Olivier Niquet and Émilie Perreault, the live broadcast gala will air on Radio-Canada on Sept. 15, 2019, hosted by Véronique Cloutier.

For more information on the various categories and the nomination process, visit the Académie website.

Ian MacKay, the President of RE:SOUND since 2009, will be leaving the organization – which collects performance royalties for artists and record labels – at the end of the year.

In 2019, MacKay was instrumental in creating and launching Entandem, a joint venture with SOCAN created to simplify the licensing process so that music users can play all the music they want in their business legally and ethically. Entandem ensures that those who created and fostered the music – songwriters, music publishers, performing artists, and record labels – are fairly compensated in a single payment to one organization.

Over his 10 years at the company, MacKay supervised the implementation of other key strategic initiatives, including the expansion of RE:SOUND’s Board of Directors to be more reflective of RE:SOUND’s diverse stakeholders, and the addition of an Independent Chair. In 2018, RE:SOUND contributed more than $50 million in domestic and international income in remuneration to artists (including background musicians and session players) and record labels (including both major and indie labels).

“I’m very proud of all that I and the team have accomplished at RE:SOUND over the last decade,” said MacKay. “I’m leaving the organization in great hands, with a seasoned and passionate senior management team.” Anthony Ariganello, Chair of the Board of RE:SOUND, said that “The Board is very proud to highlight that MacKay’s tenure at RE:SOUND has been marked by aggressive revenue growth, expansion in revenue sources, and cost reductions through efficiencies, and wishes to thank him for all his hard work over the years.”

RE:SOUND has started searching for MacKay’s successor, while he stays on for an interim period to assure a smooth leadership transition.

In an exclusive interview with SOCAN, Songwriter of the Year winner Anachnid (whose totem animal is the spider) discusses her reaction on earning the $10,000, SOCAN Foundation-sponsored honour at the 2019 Indigenous Music Awards; writing her powerful song “Windigo,” about the ruthless, hungry spirit of the same name; her dream-inspired songwriting process; and her in-the-moment recording style.