SOCAN and global media measurement company Nielsen have extended their partnership –   maintaining Nielsen as the exclusive provider of radio airplay data from more than 500 Canadian radio stations – as the company increases coverage by adding 200 new stations in 137 new markets to its BDSradio product.

The increased monitoring will provide deeper insights into popular Christian music formats for the first time, and include additional Francophone music stations in Canada. The newly-added stations, monitored electronically 24 hours a day, include 14 Christian music ones, and 29 French-language ones.

With Nielsen BDSradio data, SOCAN members can access more detailed reporting across a wide range of platforms, for more accurate and timely data for the distribution of royalties.

“As Canada’s largest rights management organization representing songwriters, composers, and music publishers, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our nearly 160,000 members are compensated for their work,” says SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. “By extending our relationship with Nielsen Music, and the scope of coverage, we’re reinforcing our commitment to timely and accurate royalty payments in Canada.”

“With coverage of more than 500 stations in Canada, BDSradio now provides airplay for the long tail, including Christian and additional French language stations, to help artists get paid,” said Paul Shaver, Vice President of Entertainment for Nielsen Music. “We’re honoured to continue our 12-plus-year relationship with SOCAN, one of the leading and most respected music rights organizations in the world. Renewing our partnership with SOCAN demonstrates the power of Nielsen Music as the trusted and reliable data source for the music industry.”

In addition to monitoring radio airplay, online streaming, and music consumer behavior, Nielsen compiles data from nearly 40,000 retail outlets globally to determine what albums, singles, and music videos people are consuming, and where they’re consuming them. Nielsen’s data serves as a major source for the Billboard charts, and is widely cited as the standard for music industry measurement.

Canadian Musician magazine, the print publication dedicated to Canada’s musicians and music industry professionals, celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a standing-room-only reception at Grace O’Malley’s in downtown Toronto on May 1, 2019.

Ferraro, Kris Barclay, and CJ Flemings performed at the event, and SOCAN members in attendance included The Trews, Kira Isabella, Ryland James, Marc Jordan, and Steve Strongman. Among the music business representatives at the birthday party were SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste and SOCAN Chief Communications Officer Andrew Berthoff, John Harris, Cam Carpenter, Steve Kane, Steve Waxman, Tony Tobias, and Martin Melhuish.

Canadian Musician magazineCanadian Musician Founder, Publisher, and President Jim Norris, Consumer Director Maureen Jack, Editor-in-Chief Andrew King, and Senior Editor Mike Raine were all on hand to enjoy the festivities.

“We published our first issue of Canadian Musician 40 years ago with one goal: to be Canada’s premier publication, and a go-to resource, for professional and amateur musicians, and the industry that supports them,” said Norris in a statement. “It’s been as thrilling as it has been fulfilling to work towards that goal in the decades since, and like the industry we’re proud to represent, now feels like the most exciting time in our history. Celebrating this milestone with so many passionate friends and partners from over the years is a great reminder of why we do what we do, and our team is freshly inspired to continue our mission in the years to come.”

The inaugural issue of Canadian Musician was published in the spring of 1979. Since then, the publication has featured countless cover stories, interviews, and columns with some of the most notable names in Canadian music, from The Guess Who, Rush, Alanis Morissette, and The Tragically Hip, to Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Shad, and Marianas Trench.

Each issue includes the latest updates from the Canadian and international music industries; career-building feature content; instructional columns for musicians, songwriters, and audio engineers; updates on the latest gear, tech, and trends; and coverage of major music industry events across Canada and beyond. The magazine has also expanded its reach with the a radio podcast, a series of music-business webinars, and CM Live sessions on Facebook.

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Jack de Keyzer

Jack de Keyzer (Photo: David McDonald)

Out of more than almost 19,000 entries from 140 countries, SOCAN members The Trews (Colin MacDonald, John-Angus MacDonald, and Jack Syperek, along with co-writer Derek Hoffman) and veteran guitarist Jack de Keyzer both earned first-place prizes at the 2018 International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

The Trews won in the rock category for their song, “Times Speeding Up,” while de Keyzer won in the blues field for “My Love Has Gone.”

Several SOCAN members earned other 2018 ISC awards, as follows:

Second  Place

  • Christian – Matt Adams (of the band West of Here), for “The Other Side”
  • Folk/Singer-Songwriter – Garrett Vandenberg, for “Stubborn Thing”

Third Place

  • Performance — Will Bowes, for “Mad at the World”
  • Teen – Sofia Kay, for “Astronomy Rose”
  • Unsigned Only – Jocelyn Alice, Jayson DeZuzio (ASCAP), Marco Borrero (ASCAP), and Sabrina Bernstein (BMI), for Alice’s “You’re the Worst”

For a complete list of 2018 winners and honorable mentions, and to hear the winning songs, visit the ISC website. SOCAN congratulates all of our winning members on their achievements!