SOCAN has released SOCAN: For the Record, a new video that illustrates how our members create music, their careers in action, and how we collect and distribute their royalties.

First launched in March at the 2019 JUNO Gala Dinner & Awards presented by SOCAN, the two-minute story-in-motion is now available for all to enjoy.

SOCAN: For the Record follows several SOCAN members as they write, record, and launch their music, which makes its way around the world, with SOCAN tracking, collecting, and returning their well-earned royalties.

The video stars SOCAN members Sydanie, Command Sisters, Thompson Egbo-Egbo, Dr. Draw, and Steph Copeland, creating and capturing their music, hitting the Send or Enter key to release or upload it, then follows various paths the music takes, along with royalty-collecting statistics, in an animated sequence.

We hope you enjoy SOCAN: For the Record!