In April 2020, SOCAN launched its “Virtual “Songcamp Mondays” in the wake of self-isolation measures. These one-day online creative sessions gather three SOCAN members who are at home, or in their studio, anywhere in North America via an online meeting platform. This new series of video interviews allow us to tell the stories behind these collaborations.

The main goal, for the participants, is to remotely create and record a full song in a single day. Sometimes, the end result is so good that they decide to actually release their collective creation. Such was the case for Debbie Tebbs, Sara-Danielle and Meggie Lennon who today release their song “Vrai ou faux,” created during one of those Virtual Songcamp Mondays.

We met with the co-writers to find out more about their experience, the genesis of their song, and their writing process.

And here’s the lyric video for the song:

“Vrai ou Faux” by Debbie Tebbs ft. Sara-Danielle
Co-writers: Debbie Tebbs, Sara-Danielle, Meggie Lennon
Publisher: SYNC.MU/Quartier Général
Label : Quartier Général
Distribution : Select

If you’re a SOCAN member and would like to participate in one of these virtual song camps, please send your application here.

In the midst of social distancing to combat the spread of COVID-19, SOCAN continues to conduct video interviews with our members online – in our video series, “Staying Home with…” Today, it’s Sam Roberts.

Sam Roberts has won 11 SOCAN No. 1 Song Awards for topping various major music charts, and six JUNO Awards, over the course of six albums with the Sam Roberts Band that showcase his talent for writing strong hooks, memorable melodies, and  singalong choruses.

On the release of his seventh album with the band, All of Us, we sat down to ask how he writes the songs, what makes for a good chorus, and his best advice for songwriters just starting out on the path.

Folk Music Ontario and SOCAN presented a songwriting masterclass with William Prince on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020, online via Zoom, to a limited audience that signed up for the event.

The down-to-earth Prince – winner of the 2020 SOCAN Songwriting Prize, for his song “The Spark” –  offered stories from his life, and insights into the art and craft of his songwriting, in a conversation with SOCAN A&R Representative Aidan D’Aoust.

Prince discussed how he’s dealing with the pandemic, and some of the positives that have come from it: He’s been able to spend more time with his son, and watch him ride his bike for the first time, now that he’s not touring so much. He’s also had time to focus on his health, and more time to write music.

Prince also talked about his parents’ wedding DJ business, and how it exposed him to lots of music when he was a boy, as he helped to prepare mixtapes and select songs for the weddings. He also mentioned the importance of Gospel music as he was growing up.

As for his actual songwriting process, Prince said that he usually starts by jotting down lyrics on Hilroy Canada Exercise Books.