In an interview with SOCAN, Serena Ryder discusses how the idea to record her new seasonal album Christmas Kisses came about; how she was inspired to create a new and different arrangement for “Blue Christmas”; and co-writing the title song with her good friend and fellow professional songwriter, Simon Wilcox.

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In an interview with SOCAN, Serena Ryder discusses her beat-heavy songwriting process, and the supportive role of her musical family as she was growing up.

In a SOCAN Session at the organization’s Toronto office, Dan Mangan performs a stripped-down live version of his song “Lay Low,” preceded by a funny story about not taking Paul McCartney’s advice for the song. Mangan also played a version of “Fool for Waiting,” which you can view here. If you want even more Dan Mangan content, catch our video interview with him here.