On May 11, 2018, at the third annual edition of the Live Music Industry Awards at the Sheraton, SOCAN Vice President, Licensing, Leslie Craig presented the SOCAN Licensed to Play Award to Cosmo Ferraro of The Cameron House in Toronto. Craig called The Cameron “a thriving cultural landmark on Queen Street West, and an important hub that’s been bringing live music to the local community since the early ‘80s.”Said Ferraro: “Thank you to SOCAN for helping me to keep the doors open.”

In an interview with SOCAN, Kinnie Starr discusses how she managed to write the songs for her next album, Feed the Fire, without being able to play an instrument; whether the world is catching up to the viewpoint she expressed in her recent, award-winning Play Your Gender movie, about the lack of women producers in the music industry; and whether media attention to the rising tide of Indigenous music will improve the future for that community.

In an interview with SOCAN, Scott Helman discusses his view that pop music can be deep and authentic; how he writes songs with his long-time team of Simon Wilcox, Thomas “Tawgs” Salter, Todd Clark, and Ron Lopata; and the initial idea that led to his hit song, “Kinda Complicated.”