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Six to Discover in 2020

Keep an eye on these SOCAN members, poised to emerge this ye...

Five “Queb” rap rookies to watch in 2020

Shreez, Franky Fade, Backxwash, DawaMafia, David Campana

Pop stars rule streaming; Indigenous/global artists find their own inroads

Live gigs, perseverance, community/college radio are key

Labours of Love: Some qualities that enhance the work of creating music

A few Labour Day stories of persistence, patience, vulnerabi...

Montréal’s R&B scene: prolific, but under-represented

“The time will come when we can no longer be ignored”


Bridging Cultures

Young Brassy Jazzers

How some upcoming horn players compose themselves

Music on Ice

Choosing music for Toronto Maple Leafs games

Women in Québec’s increasingly inclusive hip-hop scene

Turning current debate into concrete action

Music Industry: Preste turns 20 – the joy of being onstage

An interview with Louis Carrière, professional booking agen...

Kenekt-written songs released

Nine co-writes created at SOCAN Song Camps launched as singl...

Cape Breton’s fertile music scene

What makes it such a hothouse for music?

SOCAN #ComposersWhoScore cash in on Vancouver’s cachet

Through networking, hustling, hard work

Asif Illyas’ Flight Deck

Talking music on a homemade aircraft simulator

Kenekt Québec 2018: A High-Calibre Year

Seventeen SOCAN members leave their comfort zones, reveal th...

Journey in Blue

A portrait of Québec’s powerhouse blues exports

The role of Artificial Intelligence in Music

It can disrupt creation, but improve royalty tracking

FME 15: Recipe for Success

Festival de musique émergente in Abitibi-Témiscamingue pul...

Home for Summer with Stage Shows in P.E.I.

Catherine MacLellan, Tara MacLean didn’t have to tour fest...

Making Sense of the 2017 Polaris Long List

Selections underscore musical diversity